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News Update
We are excited to announce a substantial update to our website coming in October. This will include , a considerable update to our Missional Resources, Workshops and Coaching and announcements of upcoming training opportunities.

We will be holding the Gathering at Seabeck Christian Conference Center in Seabeck, WA. which is 65 miles Northwest of the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Directions can be found here.

Registration is $350 and this fee covers food and accommodations for 3 nights. After paying this fee, you simply need to get yourself to Seabeck and all other costs will be looked after. These fees simply cover our costs and bring Andrew Jones to be with us.

We will be limiting this gathering to 50 people total, and interest has been high, so register early to guarantee a spot. Registration will close October 5th.

Click Here to Register    
Click Here for Schedule

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Background to the Missional Order: October 15-18, 2007

For the past two years Allelon has been in conversation with leaders around the globe about the questions of forming missional leaders in a post Christian world. Our conversations have taken us to the UK, Australia and New Zealand as well as meeting with leaders from across the churches in North America. We've been seeking to discern what God is saying in the midst of many experiments and numerous currents of church life across these countries.

One of the constants that emerged from these conversations is a deepening sense that the task of forming leaders will take time. This is probably going to be a multi-generational movement in which we are continually discerning the shaping of the holy gusts of the Spirit. At the same time, we have been struck by the almost universal consensus we have heard about the need for the formation of some kind of missional order.

In the UK we met with the Northumbria Community and were struck by the wisdom of its leadership and the common commitment to a Rule of Life that guides thousands of people around the world. Jonny Baker from the Anglican Church Missionary Society, is also a friend who shared with us his their own early explorations into the formation of some kind of missional order.

Last year we posted a blog commenting on our sense that at the core of any leadership formation program there will need to be a missional order shaped by the ethos of a Rule of Life. Since then we have had a many people ask us when we will initiate the Order. We are learning ourselves and sense a call of God in this matter.

On October 15-18, 2007 we will meet to pray, discern, listen and seek out the next steps in the formation of this Order. In so doing we are open to inviting friends who are journeying with Allelon to partner with us in this event.

We have invited a friend to assist us in this journey - Andrew Jones. Andrew will provide his wisdom and insight as we discern the shape of a Rule of Life and the forms of an Order.

This will be a small gathering given the nature of the conversation, so space will be limited. We want to be open to all those who are sensing a desire to partner in this journey. If you are sensing a similar call and desiring to join with us on these dates please contact us. Because of the nature of this event we have all agreed that those who attend this gathering will cover their own costs and expenses.

We covet your prayers, friendship and wisdom as we continue to move down this road.

Mark Priddy and Alan Roxburgh

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